What black single women dating white men endure?

black single women dating white men
black single women dating white men

Black single women dating white men usually experience a more difficult time than if they were dating a black man. They go through many bad things unlike the white man. People say things about her such as there has to be a reason the white man is interested in her, and it could not be love. It could be the man has a fetish for the black women, or that he is just experimenting with her. Some might say that he is just having fun and when he wants to settle down, he will opt for a white woman. Some might even insinuate that you are just after his money, or you are a prostitute.

The woman has to hear all these things while the man is rarely attacked with words. The woman gets the majority of the attacks, criticism and being judged. The worse thing is that the man may not understand what the woman is going through because he is not experiencing the same. He may not understand it when the woman tries to explain the pain she is going through from the backlash she is receiving in the society. He might even say that she is imagining some of the things. This can be difficult especially if the person who is supposed to provide support does not understand, and the rest of the world is against her. It can bring the feeling of being all alone. The woman friends, whom she can go to for support, may not be supportive, especially if they are against her dating a white man. They may advice her to dump the man and look for a black man.

The white women on the other may start feeling threatened that now you are dating a white man. Previously, they may not have even noticed her considering that they view themselves as superior in beauty and other things, but things change when they realize she have been chosen by a white man. The hatred of how a black woman could have dated a white man starts.

As if the backlash from the others is not enough, the black single women dating a white man receives it from the black people in her life. Some black men may even show aggressive and negative behavior towards her claiming that she chose a white man because she could not handle a black man. These same men date outside the race and may not date her because they do not like black women, and then they go ahead and judge her. The other black people may also turn against her for betraying her race. She can get all manners of comments such as being a sellout, be labeled a slave or even be called a white man’s prostitute. She can also be accused of feeling superior.

What the black single women dating white men should know that interracial dating is not easy due to discrimination and racism. However, they should not give up and let it get to them. It is her life, and she can choose to be whomever she wants. She should not let other people interfere with her happiness.