Things that black women white men meet as they date.

black women white men meet
black women white men meet
With the acceptance of interracial dating still on the low, there are things that black women white men meet as they date. Their dating is not as smooth as same race dating and the couple must endure all manners of prejudices and comments from all sides. Below are some of the things a white man dating a black woman should be prepared to go through.

Lack of approval for your relationship.
It will come from all quarters. The white people will wonder why you are dating a black woman, so will the blacks and the society in general. You will get very few approval nods for your relationship.

You will become a minority. By dating a black woman, you are putting yourself in the group of the few men who are likely to marry outside the race. Do not be surprised if you are treated like a minority.

You will get stares. Whenever you are together with your black woman, different people will stare at you. Some will be wondering why you are with her, and others will admire you.

Talks of mixed babies. Almost everybody you meet will meet will be talking about how your mixed babies will be cute, and even encouraging you to have some.

You will get comments and jokes. You will hear of things such as how you like your women as your coffee or chocolate and all sorts of food comparisons. It may sound bad people having to compare your girlfriend to food.

You will see her get accusations of being a race traitor. She will receive that a lot especially from her race who thinks that by dating a white man, she is betraying her race.
You will stand out. There are not many black and white couples out there and therefore, wherever you go, you may be the only interracial dating couple. This means you will stand out like a sore thumb.

You will get ‘no big deal’ comments. Some people will try to encourage you, telling you it is not a big deal having a relationship with a black woman. However, the truth is different because the challenges are there.

You will surprise everyone. Your friends and family that you meet will be surprised that you are dating a black woman. The same case applies to her, because she will also surprise her family and friends by dating a white man. It comes as a surprise to the other members of the race when black women white men meet such that it usually not anticipated that you might introduce to them a partner from a different race.

You will be ‘congratulated’ for going ‘exotic’. Not the normal congratulations but weird ones. White men, even strangers on the street will fist pound you, and you will also receive positive comments for going out with an ‘exotic’ woman.

You will get embarrassed.
Some of your friends will tell jokes that are moderately racist, especially when you are with your girlfriend, and in turn embarrassing you.

Whatever it is that you go through in the relationship, as long as your love is genuine, then you are bound to succeed, as these are common when black women meet white men.