Interracial dating: 6 ways to become an expert at flirting

Women and men have their own ways of flirting that are different with each other and to master this art, you need confidence especially if an interracial relationship is something you are after. Methods that work in real life when it comes to flirting are effective online too because the ice has to broken by someone somehow some way. From a communication point of view, 90% of it is non verbal, we communicate with our body. When your level of confidence is absolutely high, your body is always in a relaxed state, you are much more animated than usual plus you smile a lot. 

If your confidence is low or not at ease, you will often fold your hands, you will not smile as much; you will be looking around the room, legs crosses and sitting back. With this in mind, it should help you display confidence when communicating non-verbally. If you are the type of person who flirts because you are friendly, different opportunities will open up and you might just find yourself meeting your new love interest or making a very good friend. If the person you are flirting with is not the one for you, they might introduce you to someone else. Just leave the door open.

6 tips to becoming an expert flirt in the interracial dating scene

I. Be relaxed and calm – Always be light hearted in your approach and enjoy yourself. Don’t forget to be entertaining and funny at the same time because this makes you a very attractive person to be around. They whole idea of flirting is to be playful.

II. Bring the confidence out – People who are very good at flirting always have a positive outlook as far as life is concerned. If you are an optimistic person, you will find it easy to attract people because everyone wants to be around a person who transmits nothing but feel good energy.

III. Always give compliments that come from the heart – You will realise that you open plenty of doors by simply making people feel good. If you go out your way to make people feel good, they will want to be in your company all the time. Be genuine with your compliments and if people compliment you back, always say thank you. Don’t be the type of person who is full of themselves.

IV. Listen to what others have to say – To be an expert flirt, you have to be able to listen attentively to what people around you are saying and always ask questions that are appropriate not awkward. Make people comfortable so that they can open up for conversations to flow naturally. 

V. Avoid being rude – If you are flirting with someone and you didn’t get the response you were hoping or looking for, there is no point being rude. It simply means there is no interest there, take the party elsewhere. If you are still being side stepped, it may be time to approach things differently.

VI. Email/ message the person after chatting with them – This is more like “it was a pleasure talking to you” or a thank you note. Take it easy here and don’t go too fast.