Black Women and White Men?

Is it really a question? Does anybody care? Well there are people who care and there are people who are indifferent to it.

If you are dating a white guy, you may be answering the real ugly question often - are you dating a white guy? what's it like? You may be tired of answering - "nothing different" but then the world out there is too curious.

It may become a pain or perhaps you enjoy answering the question, I know of many black girls who are so indifferent to this that they simply do not answer such questions.

The same may be true for the white guy too. He too is perhaps perturbed answering such silly questions, some have accepted that as part of their daily life, some are resentful, while others are indifferent.

Whatever the case may be, if you are dating a white guy or perhaps plan to do so, this blog will provide you with relevant information and advice. Visit us often to get more information on a topic that you love.