Black Women Love White Men Who Do These 8 Things

The popular belief that black women don’t like white men couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just like black men, and every other race of men, white men need the same validation that they can protect and provide for their woman as well as win her heart completely.

Of course there are differences, but they won’t get in the way unless you let them. If you’re diving into an interracial relationship with a black woman, or would like to, when you do these things, she will know you are the real deal and not just someone looking for a new experience.

You notice when she changes her hair… but you don’t touch it without asking first 

Solange’s A Seat at the Table has graced your ears more than once and you finally understand why black women cringe when unfamiliar white people walk up to them and touch their coils, mesmerized by the texture or style.

Not only are you the type to compliment her on a cosmetic change, you also defend her when one of your less woke friends ask whether or not it’s her real hair – it is of no concern if her hair is real or not, she looks great anyway.

You dance how you would normally would when only your friends are around 

You may or may not be a good dancer, a black woman doesn’t care because every black person cannot dance, contrary to popular belief (it’s more like 95%).

Black women do care if you are trying to be hip or cool or prove something though. If you love dabbing, dab all day long – even if you look terrible doing it. Better yet, you don’t mind being self-conscious about your lack of rhythm or confident in your skills.

Better yet, if you want to learn how to look “cooler” dancing and your girl knows how to dance, you don’t mind asking for a pointer or two and doing a little dance together!

You know her family has NO CHILL and you still are excited to meet them at Thanksgiving

Her family is going to ask you every question they haven’t been able to ask you yet at the table or while watching TV, and you are happy give them all the answers.

She’s informed you that Blacksgiving is a time for everyone to smoke, drink and let it all hang out. And that includes acting utterly reckless with you, her white boyfriend. You already know she’s an independent woman who doesn’t need you for a damn thing – but you will probably be reminded of this fact anyway.

You don’t care though because you enjoy being around her and you’ve already climbed the Statue of Liberty together for crying out loud, so being around a lively family is a cake walk.

The n-word... huh, what n-word? 

Excellent job. You get it.

It’s not surprise why these simple things turn black women on, it shows you do acknowledge their race without letting it consume your interracial relationship and how you see them.

Appreciate a black woman’s culture is great, but being yourself and making her feel comfortable enough to do the same is going to truly win her over.