When everyone seems to criticize your interracial dating decisions

white men seek black women

For Alexa, a 30 year old white woman from California who dates interracially, one of the worst things that hurt her the most was being called a ‘sellout’. For years, she had to not only deal with being called harsh names but also bitter looks as well. Dating single white women when you are black is not always as easy as such especially when you meet people who won’t care to shout their personal opinions out to your dismay.

However, for those who are used to interracial relationships, they are capable of dealing with the downright ignorant and the overt associated with. One thing however that can make you very uncomfortable is when you have to deal with criticism from your inner circle. While you might want to imagine that they are the most supportive for your relationship, they are the ones who can at times wreak havoc on your life.

Things can even be much tougher and difficult when your friends and friends are not supportive of your decision of dating people from other races. Such kind of criticism and lack of acceptance has been one of the reasons why black women looking for white men end up being greatly discouraged and settling for what they don’t want.

Even though interracial relationships have become so common in the world that we live now, there is still a population of people who don’t really like the whole idea and the worst thing is that they are always vocal about it. They will do anything or say anything without caring if you get hurt or not.

Dealing with criticism can be hard especially for the faint hearted and you will need to use different tactics, and this will depend on where the tension is coming from. When you are handling strangers who don’t support your decision to date other races, there are few options available at your disposal.

Of course, you can opt to ignore their criticism completely regardless of how outward it seems particularly for those people who are not riled up easily. The truth of the matter is that it just makes people angrier when they try to get your goad only for you not to acknowledge it. In the end, they will be looking just stupid and will simply walk away.

But only a handful of people have such a personality and sometimes dating single white women as a black man requires that you use tactics to handle such critics. The best way however to handle such people is to invite them for a little talk rather than being defensive. Listen to them actively and nod to every word they say. Pay good attention to why they thing interracial dating is not acceptable without interrupting.

Once they are done talking, you can now start engaging them and telling your side of story as well. It’s true that they may not like what you say, but the most important thing is to try and speak sense to them.