(Black women white men) Why date outside your community? Is it not easy to date within your ethnicity?

Dating a partner, be it a male or female, is an absolute right of an individual and the reasons for only that individual best knows desiring to date a person. The best way to date a person, in case you do not want any complications, is to date a person of your own community, and with the blessing of the parents and the community at large, your dating will end up in marriage to the satisfaction of all concerned. However, desire of love followed by dating is many a times borne out instantly and it happens to individuals without any preconceived thoughts and notions. If you are really attracted to an individual who is educated, socially conscious, speaking a different language and are from another race, you are well within your freedom to date that individual.

People who date outside their community must be aware of the issues involved dating persons from other races or communities. If a person consciously chooses a dating partner outside the community, it may be due to various reasons such as love at first sight or enamored of the other community. Of course, dating and marrying within the community may not help a person to broaden the vision in respect of other communities and may tend to miss a fine lifetime opportunity in knowing the other world. However, people who argue in favor of dating within the community have a stronger argument that such dating and marriages help them preserve their cultural background.

However, one should not miss a point here that dating outside the community also helps to extend and broaden the culture. While there are no uniform guide book available to apply in the case of dating, your relationship depends on the availability of persons to date and the challenges you'll face, their intensity, socio economic background and your feeling is all that matters in dating. Hence, a person dating outside their own community is not a sin. It gives immense joy and one can appreciate the culture of their partner's ethnicity.