Cheat Notes for a White Guy Dating a Black Girl for the First Time

International dating might be challenging especially if you are doing it for the first time ever. Doesn't matter if you hanging out with Black girl, dating Malaysian women or looking for Russian soul mate, first dates depend only on your attitude and knowledge about specific culture.If you are a white guy who is trying to date a Black girl and has no idea where to starts, we have some cheat notes prepared for you.

1.Some people might not approve your relationship 

Being in an international relationship doesn’t mean that everyone will accept your foreign love and be happy about it. To be honest some of them might show their racist point of view and try to force a breaking up. If your close relatives have problems with acceptation, try to present the best parts of your partner’s culture.

2.Mixed baby talking 

This is a topic you cannot avoid. Mixing babies seems to be the cutest and adorable kids you can ever have. Be ready that random stranger will try to encourage you to have a sex and produce a couple of mixed babies just because the worldneeds to be full ofvariety.

3.People will stare at you 

Secret glances on the street had been okay since many people tend to do like this, however, being stared at, is not okay at all. Different skin color always attracts attention. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, this attention is full of negatives.

4.“Chocolate jokes”

Since you will start going out with a Black lady, be ready to hear many comments about food while comparing to your girl’s skin. Describing her skin color as the chocolate one might be okay at first but after a couple of times, just ignore it.

5.People will judge you 

Not only people from your closest society will judge you but assume that you had been into dating Black girls ever since. Another group of people will think that you have a “Black fever” and dating internationally just to be cool. This is a common reaction when something new and unique appears in close society especially if people cannot accept this.

6.You are going to feel embarrassed 

Be sure that your closest friends will tell racist jokes in front of your Black girlfriend and this is not cool at all. To make it less embarrassing, telling a joke of two about “white people” will do. However, it’s best to make sure that your partner is not that fragile about skin color comments before hanging out with friends.

7.You will get secret approval

When you get into an international relationship, you will get a secret “High five” from others who are in the same situation. Be sure that your friends will change, you will get to know more African people and white-black families. Right after being in a relationship with Black girl, you will become a part of huge community worldwide.

Dating Black girls don't need to be a scary thing, even though you never date them before. If you will keep and bear in mind that overall your life will change a lot you can accept everything that will be brought to you.