Top 5 questions about interracial dating in Jewish Style

Today, the topic of interracial relationship is on the minds of most people, and it has become a social topic hotly discussed by all the groups. Statistics reveal that more and more Interracial marriages are happening and people no longer take it as surprise news, as it is a common sight to see an interracial couple as at least in bigger towns and cities.  This may be the case in the US and in most of the European countries, but still there are people in this world who are against such relationships thinking that they are the protectors of their race and its culture. In Israel, Interracial relationships ending in marriages are not happening as it is happening around the world. Still people police on the interracial couples and if a Jewish girl is in a relationship of Arab dating Jewish girl, efforts are made to wean the girl away from her relationship, as they fear that their identity will get diluted. Social marriages in Israel are not encouraged; as a result, Jewish interracial couples are forced to go to some other country to enter into wedlock.

Despite all these hindrances, blossoming of love between a Jew and a person of another race is still happening elsewhere. Of course, a Jewish girl living in US may not feel the heat otherwise she would feel if she lives in Israel and loves a person of another race. There is nothing wrong in establishing a relationship with a Black or an Asian, but if the girl is from an orthodox Jewish family, she has to think twice before embarking on a love boat with a person of another race. The orthodoxy is ingrained in the minds of the Jewish elders and passed on to their generations reverently. Particularly if you are a Jewish girl and want to have a relationship with an Arab man, you should be aware of the social consequences that would follow your decision. Most elders in the Jewish family think that the Jewish soul is a rare resource and precious not to be given away to a non -Jewish person.

It is difficult for a non-Jewish person, not to dating Jewish girl, as most of them look attractive, attended colleges and graduated and have been well trained by their parents in taking care of their families. Likewise, most Jewish men are also well educated, have financial stability and are raised with traditional gender role of taking care of women. Thus for a Black, white or an Asian it is always attractive to fall in a relationship with a Jew. Though Jewish girls are modern, with values ingrained in their minds by their parents, they may not exhibit their interest in you in an open way, but it is for you to establish confidence about you in her and proceed further. Learn to respect their value system and be honest to the person whom you propose your love, as most of them are interested in your inner soul rather than your physical appearance.