Famous interracial couples in movies

interracial couple
interracial couple in movie

Love knows no age or race - check out our list of the most famous and steamy interracial couples in movies!


The successful franchise of the James Bond movies occasionally features Bond Girls with darker skins. In A View to Kill, it was the stunning Jamaican-born actress Grace Jones, while in the Die Another Day, it was Halle Berry that made the role famous.

Mission Impossible 2

You can’t make a list of famous interracial couples and leave Mission Impossible 2 out. In the action spy movie, Tom Cruise partnered with Thandie Newton, who made a marvelous performance as the professional thief Nyah Nordoff-Hall.


Not exactly a movie, but the award-winning ABC’s show features Kerry Washington, torn between the President, played by Tony Goldwyn and the charming Scot Foley.

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

As the name suggests, the focus of this movie is on Bruce Lee’s story, but it also explores the world of interracial relationships and romance. Lee’s mother is conflicted in her views on interracial love and this creates tension in her relationship with Lee’s wife. Exploring the difficulties an Asian man faces, when dating a White woman, this movie is an excellent portrayal of the challenges most interracial couples have to deal with.

A Bronx Tale

While one father fights the local crime boss to protect his son, the son falls in love with a black girl he meets on the bus. The Italian origin and traditional upbringing of the son creates some conflicts in his interracial relationship, but, eventually, he does choose love - even when it leads him to losе some friends.


SyFy’s show’s “Merlin” main couple - dark-skinned Guinevere, played by Angel Coulby, and King Arthur (Bradley James) face double the challenges, when it comes to love. The King has to fight for his right to be with the woman he loves, even though she’s just a servant in his castle.